Delta Airlines Posted A Controversial Tweet Following The USA’s World Cup Victory Over Ghana

The US national team pulled off quite the exciting victory at the 2014 World Cup and a lot of folks have already celebrated. Delta Airlines was one of them, tweeting out their support for the USA. The only problem is that the tweet might be a little racist. See if you can pick it out:

Can you spot it? I couldn’t either, but that’s because I don’t know my animals and geography. I should probably work at Delta. From Mashable:

Multiple sources, including this travel site, as well as maps from the World Wildlife Fund and a research paper in BMC Biology say giraffes do not live in Ghana, and critics blamed Delta for reducing the country to a stereotype. (However, it is worth noting that this YouTube clip is called “Ghana giraffes,” although there is no description about the video.)

OK then. I’m still not sure exactly how that is full on, bomb this church, lynched behind a truck racist, but it is still certainly a poor choice. Maybe they could’ve just used the flags or something along those lines? I’m not sure. Folks on Twitter called them out on though and as it usually goes, Delta apologized.

That should make it all go away right? Innocent mistake. People are probably accepting it and going about their business.

Or not. Best of luck, Delta. Maybe try not tweeting ever again and throw in a few free trips for good measure.

(Via Mashable)