Derek Jeter Partied With ’30 Attractive, Model-Like Women’ On Sunday

Anything you can do, I can do better. Remember earlier this month when Leonardo Dicaprio took 20 women home from a Miami club? Well, step aside sir, you’ve been Jeter’d. According to Page Six, Jeter partied with up “30 attractive, model-like women” on Sunday in the MeatPacking District on Sunday. Because why the hell not?

The newly retired slugger, 40, rented out the Arthur lounge inside the Meatpacking District’s Chester restaurant beginning at 8 p.m. Sunday to watch the Seattle Seahawks battle the Arizona Cardinals.

Joining him at the private viewing party were some male pals and 30 attractive, model-like women, sources told Page Six.

And where was Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis? You know the girl Jeter’s been dating for several years. Page Six says she was nowhere to be found. So that’s interesting.

Anyway, now that Jeter’s one-upped Leo, I fully expect the actor to show up with a 50-woman harem on New Year’s Eve. Maybe 60 if he’s feeling spicy.