Derek Jeter’s Penthouse Sold For $15.5 Million

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10.11.12 3 Comments

If you’ve been looking for a great deal on an apartment in New York City recently, well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but boy did you miss out on the bargain of the century. In what the New York Post is calling a “steal”, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter just sold his Trump Tower penthouse for only $15.5 million. Sure, that may seem like a hefty price, but keep in mind he was selling it for $20 million, after he originally paid $12 million. Good God, this economy is destroying us all.
So who’s the lucky bargain hunter who saved $4.5 million on this guaranteed poon palace? Anheuser-Busch’s chief supply officer Claudio Ferro, that’s who. I know, it’s like one superstar to another, right?

Claudio Ferro paid $15.5 million this month for the captain’s four-bedroom bachelor pad, a palatial, suede-covered man cave, the sources said.

I’m sure suede’s not the only thing it’s covered in. *rimshot*

At $15.5 million, Ferro is getting a steal. “You would think they [the broker] would get a higher price based on Derek Jeter’s name alone,” said one mystified broker.

And you know he was mystified because he created a flash with his hands and vanished in a cloud of smoke. The strange thing here, though, is that Ferro is moving into this place with his wife and children, and that’s odd to me because, well, think of all the sex that happened in that place. You know how paranormal experts believe that if something so intense occurs in a house – like a horrific murder, or in this case 8 trillion orgasms – that it can haunt that home forever?
I’m just saying Claudio shouldn’t complain when his kids wake up to Scarlett Johansson screaming to the heavens. Anyway, let’s have a look at Mr. Ferro’s big purchase.

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