Detroit Lions Players Spent National Signing Day Making Fun Of Each Other On Twitter

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National Signing Day is a big event for college football because everything a team hopes to achieve all starts with a great recruiting class. Signing day has morphed into a bigger and bigger event over the years, with schools and recruits attempting to out-do one another in glitz and glamour (even the kickers are doing it!). It can all be taken pretty seriously—too seriously, in fact.

So, leave it up to players from the Detroit Lions to have some fun with the whole thing. In a series of tweets that can only be compared to revisiting your high school yearbook, several Lions players shared old recruiting photos and ripped each other in the process. It all started when cornerback Quandre Diggs, a former Texas commit, shared an old picture of tight end Eric Ebron, who signed with North Carolina out of high school:

Things got more ridiculous from there with running back Ameer Abdullah (Nebraska) and defensive back Darius Slay (Mississippi State) getting in on the action:

First of all, the Ebron photo looks like an amateur attempt at a modeling portfolio, so kudos to Diggs for, um, “digging” that one up. Secondly, well done by Ebron on the photoshopping skills as a retort. On a day in which college announcements get bigger and flashier, it’s cool to see some guys take a self-deprecating approach to the whole thing. It brings everyone back down a peg or two.

(Via Detroit Lions)