These NHL Players Put On The Weirdest Wedding Dance You’ll See For A While

NHL veteran Devin Setoguchi tied the knot with his fiancée over the weekend in what I’m sure was a very nice and intimate ceremony. The union of two people in love is a beautiful thing and yada yada yada, but the real highlight of the day came from the wedding’s reception, during which a few of Setoguchi’s NHL brethren helped put on one of the weirdest dance routines you’ll come across in your lifetime.

Dressed in skin-tight body suits and masquerade masks, Chicago Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg and Dallas Stars defenseman Jason Demers – along with two accomplices – took the floor to Sia’s “Chandelier” and delivered a performance that was somehow ridiculous enough to meet the expectations set by their outfits. It’s pretty hard to put into words, so you’ll probably just want to go ahead and watch it.

As for Mr. & Mrs. Setoguchi, it’s tough to tell whether they enjoyed the show or were completely traumatized as it unfolded. From the looks of things, it could really go either way. But, for all its weirdness, the rest of the crowd seemed to love it, especially when the foursome broke out this doozy of a move:


I really hope they had an open bar to blame this on.

(Via Eye On Hockey)