Football Player DeVonte Wilson Shows Off His Vertical With These Insane Box Jumps

There’s something hypnotizing about watching someone jump over things that are five feet tall or higher. For proof, let’s look at the Instagram account of aspiring college football player DeVonte Wilson, who has a small library of videos which showcase his insane leaping ability. The video above is just a taste, as it sums up a few of the highlights from his IG account, but rest assured, there are plenty more videos of him displaying jaw-dropping feats of athleticism.

For instance, here is a video of Wilson jumping, with his high coming at 36 boxes, which he claims is a little over 74-inches high.

This looks like it should be impossible, right? Jumping on something that’s 74-inches high is approximately the same as jumping on top of someone who’s 6-foot-2’s head. Sure, it didn’t look like it was an easy leap for Wilson, but jumping onto something that’s 74-inches high isn’t easy, so it’s understandable.

Wilson also likes to jump on top of things while balancing weights on his shoulders, because he likes doing things that seem like they should be impossible. Here is a full video of him jumping onto stacks that keep getting progressively shorter while the amount of weight he is balancing goes up. It also features him jumping over a giant platform and jumping out of a pool.

According to Wilson, his final jump with weight was 405 pounds onto 3.5 plates, which is completely absurd. His Instagram says that he is a student at Kansas, and that he hopes that he “will find my way on a college football team, that’ll allow me to grow as a football player.” While some reports indicate he actually plays for the Jayhawks, he is not currently listed on the team’s official roster. No matter what, he should at least get a chance with some team as a wide receiver who can go up and get every single jump ball you throw his way.