Disney Making Another Pirates Movie

02.11.11 7 years ago

Walt Disney Pictures is bringing the story of Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel to the big screen… I know, right! I’m super excited, you guys!

Singh and Patel, as you all know, are the two Indian cricket pitchers who were the finalists on the 2008 reality TV show Million Dollar Arm, which was created by agent J.B. Bernstein. After they tried out for 20 Major League Baseball scouts, they were both signed to contracts by the Pittsburgh Pirates and they have since embarked on majestic careers, each winning a Cy Young while the Pirates won back-to-back World Series. Actually, Singh has been in Single A and Patel was released in November, and the Pirates are the worst sports franchise ever.

So how did Bernstein get this amazing idea?

Bernstein got the idea for the reality show one night while watching a televised cricket game from India. He realized that the throwing motion employed in cricket wasn’t that different from American pro baseball.

Reality show Million Dollar Arm launched in India in 2008. More than 40,000 contestants auditioned, including Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, who emerged as the two finalists.

Bernstein brought Singh and Patel to the U.S., using action films and rap songs to facilitate their English. He also taught them the mechanics of baseball. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

OK, I suppose if at least half the movie involves two Indian guys talking like Snoop Dogg while quoting Die Hard, I could watch it. Maybe twice if it’s on TBS at 3 a.m. and I’ve had a dozen or so beers. And Craigslist would have to be down. Yeah, then I could totally watch it.

Singh and Patel on an old Outside the Lines after the jump…

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