02.09.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

Mardi Gras is not starting early, at least the bare-chested portion of it isn’t. The New Orleans Saints’ Super Bowl parade, happening today at 5 PM, will be featuring some of the floats that were scheduled for use during the annual Bourbon Street celebration, but there won’t be any boobs.

TMZ spoke to cops in the French Quarter, who tell us 600 [police officers] will be on patrol at the big party … and anyone seen exchanging nudity for beads can expect a big, fat summons … or even a trip to the slammer.

Part of the decision to cover up surely stemmed from the fact that the parade will be broadcast live on regional cable, as well as the Times-Picayune website. People surely can wait a week to get reconnected with their breast friends in a week. That works; it’s not like boobs ever get stale. Also.

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