This Dog Really Wanted To Be Part Of A Chile-Venezuela Soccer Game

Copa América Femenina, the top soccer tournament involving women’s national teams in South America, will take place next month. In the lead-up, two teams that are slated to go but are in opposite groups — Chile and Venezuela — squared off on Saturday evening at the Estadio La Granja in Chile.

Venezuela ended up picking up a 1-0 win thanks to a second half goal by Mariana Speckmaier. Before that happened, the two teams had to deal with a rather rude interruption, as a dang dog ran onto the field and apparently thought getting pets from everyone would be the best thing in the world.

Even some photographers on the sideline and one of the officials got in on the fun. I really love the 52-second mark, when you can see in the distance that Chilean keeper Christine Endler is petting the dog’s stomach right after the ball goes out of play with a huge smile on her face, presumably because this is extremely funny. The dog looks for a few more pets, and when an effort is made to get it off the pitch, it takes off to the delight of every person in the stadium.

Eventually, a pair of Chilean teammates — Yenny Acuña and Javiera Toro — were able to get the situation all taken care of. I wish nothing but the best for this dog for the rest of time.