The Dolphins Attempted Possibly The Worst Onside Kick In NFL History

The Jets manhandled the Dolphins 38-20 on Sunday and Miami went to 4-7 on the season, making them a candidate for the most disappointing team in the NFL so far.

To their credit, despite being blown out, the Dolphins kept playing hard until the end of the game. Even after a garbage time touchdown, they lined up kicker Andrew Franks for an onside kick.

Unfortunately for Franks and the Dolphins, not only did they not recover the kick, but it may very well have been the single worst attempt at an onside kick in NFL history, as it sailed well out of bounds past the Jets 30-yard line. There was absolutely no chance at a Jets player fielding that kick, never mind a Dolphins special teamer.

Pretty much sums up the Dolphins season, if you ask me.