Some Dolphins Players Apparently Want To Be Traded After A 59-10 Loss In Week 1

The Miami Dolphins are, quite likely, going to be the worst team in the NFL this season. That was the expectation entering the year after the moves they made this offseason to deal away top talent like starting tackle Laremy Tunsil, and their performance in Week 1 did nothing to change the expectations.

The Ravens strolled into Miami and beat the brakes off the Dolphins in a 59-10 rout, as Lamar Jackson put together a sensational performance and Baltimore got almost no resistance from the Miami defense. The Dolphins have insisted they aren’t tanking the season to get the top overall pick and, they’d hope, a star quarterback, but Week 1 went so poorly that even the most optimistic and foolhardy would have a tough time believing them.

That apparently extends into the locker room, where there are now reports that some players immediately called their agents following the game to get them to start working on possible trades to get them out of Miami, per Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

It’d be hard to argue that the Dolphins have put themselves into a position to be one of the league’s worst teams, but for a lot of the players in the locker room, that likely means they’re there for a reason. Certainly there are some who are good NFL players and those are likely the ones seeking a new team so they don’t have to wallow in misery all year, but the sad realization for many has to be that if they are still there, then they aren’t exactly considered someone that is going to carry the team to wins.