Donald Trump Has A Bizarre Menu Planned For Clemson’s Visit To The White House

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Donald Trump has a lot going on these days, relatively speaking. The government shutdown has mean not much is actually getting done, but as the shutdown lingers — now the longest in American history — there’s been plenty of chances for him to comment on who’s to blame and how much he feels American needs a wall on its southern border with Mexico.

He also has to maintain other ceremonial duties, such as hosting championship teams if they decide visiting the White House is worth the trouble. The NBA likely won’t see a team visit until Trump is out of office, but college football is a very different game. And the Clemson Tigers are, indeed, visiting Trump a week after stomping on Alabama in the title game.

Trump announced the team’s visit on Monday morning from the White House lawn in a meeting with reporters, but the most bizarre moment came when he revealed what the White House would be serving the team: a bunch of fast food.

“The Clemson championship team, the National Championship team will be coming tonight. It will be exciting. Very great team. An unbelievable team,” Trump said.” They’ll be coming tonight, and I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King with some pizza.”

The White House, of course, has five full-time chefs on staff and can serve hundreds of people elaborate state dinners that an uncompensated collegiate athlete would love to enjoy to celebrate their triumph. Is Trump being serious here? Yes, he certainly is.

“I really mean it,” Trump said. “It’ll be interesting. And I would think that’s their favorite food. So we’ll see what happens. But they’re coming tonight, the National Champions. Subject to the weather.”

It’s really anybody’s guess what he’s implying when he says fast food would be their “favorite food.” Maybe he thinks college kids just love fast food? But if that’s the case Trump should know, however, that there are significantly better fast food options in the south for these kids to eat. Namely Cook Out, which rules and is cheap enough for even unpaid athletes to afford.

There’s certainly a more cynical reading of Trump’s words that is even more cruel and disappointing for the president to casually utter on the White House lawn in front of cameras. But maybe he just thinks they’re like him and loves Big Macs. Either way, it’s yet another bizarre statement from the person responsible for all of America’s nuclear weapons. Hopefully they’re being maintained while the government is shut down.

UPDATE: Here is the spread of what has to be by now extremely lukewarm at best fast food in all it’s glory.