SNL’s Weekend Update Used Donald Trump To Burn Tom Brady And The Patriots

Donald Trump (may have) cheated to win an election. Tom Brady cheated (for sure) to win a football game. With high-profile friends having something so similar on their resumes, Saturday Night Live found a way to hit the good pals with a cheating joke over the weekend.

If you don’t want to watch the full five minutes of Weekend Update in the video above, the Trump/Brady joke starts at the 30-second mark.

“Obama also accused Donald Trump of knowing it was happening while doing nothing about it, but I mean, can you really blame him? Who snitches when somebody cheats for them? That’s just ungrateful. You don’t expect Tom Brady to tell the ref, ‘Hey, let me try that touchdown pass again, the ball was deflated.’ I guess Donald Trump was just acting like a Patriot.”

It’s a good joke, but it’s so weird how someone possibly stealing an election in an attempt to appease a Russian puppet master — which technically constitutes treason — is now a punch line on par with a sports man wanting his sports balls deflated a little bit. Imagine a joke similar to this one 50 years ago.

“Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in a Dallas movie theater and charged with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Oswald claimed he was a patsy but do murderers ever admit it right away? That’d be like Shoeless Joe Jackson saying, ‘Hey, let me try to not lose the World Series again, our team was tanking. I guess Oswald was just acting like a Black Sock.”

OK, that joke stinks, but you get my point. At least making fun of the Patriots and Brady will still be fun over the next four years.