Dre Greenlaw Got Ejected For Booping The Eagles Head Of Security In The Nose

The Eagles and 49ers met in Philly on Sunday evening in a matchup between the NFC’s two top teams, as the Niners had an opportunity to avenge last year’s NFC title game loss. After the Eagles took an early 6-0 lead, the Niners stormed back to score 21 consecutive points and take control of the game in the early third quarter.

As the Eagles worked their way down the field on a crucial third quarter drive, needing a touchdown to stay attached, things suddenly got chippy after DeVonta Smith got suplexed on the Eagles sideline by 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw. That drew a personal foul flag on Greenlaw and sparked a kerfuffle on the sideline, which saw the Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro to step in to separate players, which Greenlaw didn’t like. Greenlaw reached across as the two sides pointed at each other and ended up booping DiSandro in the nose.

After the NFL’s New York offices looked at the incident, they decided to eject both Greenlaw and DiSandro, which is obviously a much bigger loss for the Niners as Greenlaw is one of the NFL’s best linebackers and DiSandro does not actually play. You can rest assured DiSandro will be a Philly legend for this if the Eagles come back to win, and things only got chippier as the Eagles eventually finished that drive off with a touchdown on the tush push and saw more pushing and shoving as they closed the gap to 21-13.