Drunk Guy Attacks Pucky The Whale

02.01.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Poor Pucky the Whale was just minding his business as a Connecticut Whale hockey game when all of a sudden some drunken hooligan decided to take him down for some reason or another. What a Moby-Dick! Alright, stop booing me. That hurts.

The whole story is definitely worth reading due to the complete hilarity of it.

An intoxicated Connecticut Whale fan has been banned from the XL Center after he allegedly tackled and punched “Pucky the Whale” in the stands during a game Saturday night, police said.

Kevin O’Connell, a 28-year-old from East Hartford, told police he attacked “Pucky,” the mascot for the local hockey team, over a bet. He was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree breach of peace.

Pucky was greeting young fans in the stands near section 105 Saturday night when O’Connell tackled and punched the whale, police said.-Hartford Courant.

It’s always hilarious imagining a mascot getting punched in the face, especially by someone drunk, but I feel pretty bad for the person who was in the mascot costume. It sucks for them since they have limited visibility and can’t see anything as they get tackled. The only thing that could be funnier than a guy beating up a mascot is a mascot beating up a guy, which really needs to happen more often. They should have a chance to defend themselves. Has anyone started a mascot rights group? WE NEED PROGRESS!

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