This Extremely Drunk Skier Failed Spectacularly Over And Over While Attempting To Put Skis On

Skiing is hard. It’s especially hard when you’re so drunk you can’t walk.

That’s why watching this skiing Sisyphus drunkenly try to get his gear on is so amazing. Why they let this fella keep trying to get upright on skis this long as anybody’s guess. Maybe his friends knew it wouldn’t be possible but it would distract him long enough to get a few runs in before he passes out. At one point in the video a friend pushes him back down when he was close to getting locked in, which would support that. It even appears that a snowstorm passes through while he tries to get these on, which means this whole escapade might have lasted hours.

Still, it looks like he got close to getting both skis on at a few different points. Who in their right mind thinks letting this person actually strap on skis is going to help this situation? The best thing about incredibly drunk people is that they are often not very mobile. Letting him get a few strides away from tasting a pine tree would only make this worse.

At one point a horse-drawn ski carriage drives by effortlessly, which really zeroes in on the helplessness of this drunk fella. If horses can ski, why can’t this guy? Probably all the booze. Yeah, let’s go with that. The worst thing is that those definitely aren’t rentals, which means he’s done this before. It’s not that he can’t ski, it’s that he’s just completely annihilated.

The Frenchwomen who posted this called this hapless skier a Jerry, which is apparently “an individual that exhibits a lack of true understanding of their sport.” Kinda weird of them to subtweet me like this just days before my ski trip to Vermont. Not cool, guys.

In any event there’s a good chance I could make it onto that Instagram page after the weekend, which is another good reason to never show your face online for anything whatsoever. At least my problem will be athletic ability, not alcohol.

Wait maybe that’s worse.