The Eagles Punter Forgot To Take Off His Sweatpants Then Used Them To Celebrate His Own Nice Punt

12.31.17 2 years ago

Week 17 in the National Football League is either full of drama or the rote sleepwalking of players taking part in a game that ultimately doesn’t matter. If your position in the playoffs is locked up and your opponent has already missed the postseason, for example, it can get weird.

That’s exactly what happened in a sleepy game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The Eagles, securely in the playoffs, had little to play for against a Dallas team that had itself a very disappointing 2017. And a game that was mostly scoreless throughout featured a lot of punting, including a time where Eagles punter Donnie Jones forgot to take off his sweatpants before he took the field.

Jones didn’t realize he was still wearing warm weather gear until he was on the field and in position to kick. So he quickly took the pants off and hucked them behind him so he could punt.

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