Fondly Remembering The Time UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez Appeared on MTV’s ‘Bully Beatdown’

10.04.16 2 years ago

In a community as tightly-knit as MMA, you’re bound to see some familiar faces pop up on the rare occasions when the sport crosses over into the realm of Hollywood. Bas Rutten is a regular fixture in the comedies of Kevin James, Randy Couture is something of a cut-rate action star these days, and I’ve already discussed at length the sublime excellence of Georges St-Pierre’s performance in the latest Steven Seagal vehicle, Killing Salazar.

Of course, there has arguably been no greater/more terrible melding of the MMA and entertainment worlds than in MTV’s Bully Beatdown. Hosted by former Strikeforce star turned legitimate-crazy person Jason “Mayhem” Miller, the short-lived reality show brought in MMA fighters from around the world to ruthlessly obliterate so-called “bullies” on a weekly basis, emboldening the sport with a much-needed message of tolerance, acceptance, and hiring someone to solve your problems when all else fails.

As it just so happens, none other than current lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was one such fighter to lend his talents to Bully Beatdown, appearing on both the show’s second and third seasons to inflict vengeful acts of karmic retribution on woefully underprepared dude-bros. While his first appearance was not without its highlights, it was Alvarez’s second fight that became an instant classic in the Bully Beatdown canon.

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