Eddie Vedder Turned Last Night’s Cubs Loss Into A Beautiful Family Affair

The Chicago Cubs were absolutely walloped by the San Diego Padres to the tune of 13-3 last night at Wrigley Field, but that probably didn’t cause too many fans to shatter their monocles. Regardless of how many games they lose and seasons go by, the Cubbies still have the best celebrity sports fans in the world, and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder stopped by last night to prove that by not only throwing out the first pitch and singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” but also by watching the game from centerfield with his entire family to honor their beloved Uncle John.

As Eddie explained to the guys in the WGN booth in the 7th inning, Uncle John was the guy who took him to his first Cubs game back in 1970 – “You know… the Pirates… Roberto Clemente… all that” – so he brought John’s kids, probably the coolest teenagers in America as of last night, with him for the traditional 7th inning stretch celebration. Oh, and his first pitch? It might have made Jeff Francoeur throw his bat at it.

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Sure, like most people, Eddie still doesn’t get the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” lyrics right, but we can’t dock him cool points for trying, or even thinking that the Cubs could put up 20 in an inning. Between that and being excited about what the Cubs are doing, Eddie might be the most optimistic Cubs fan on Earth.

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After all of that, it was time to kick back and get a little loose with the rest of the Vedder clan in the centerfield bleachers.

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Cheers to the complete opposite of Jack White.