Erin Andrews Has Blogger Mentality

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09.27.11 5 Comments

Veteran spelling bee reporter Erin Andrews tells TMZ, stringing letters together is no easy business — in fact, it’s so nerve-wracking, some young contestants break a sweat … and even lose consciousness.

But is it an actual sport?

No, but this video is fun to watch, because it’s basically the same type of rationalization and shoulder-shrugging Burnsy and I do on a daily basis at With Leather. “Is dog surfing a sport?” “Well, dogs are cute and surfing is a sport, so why not”. Or even better, “Kate Upton is milking a cow in her underwear, but uh, she was in Sports Illustrated, right? So that’s sports.” I hope she never gets a TV show or appears in a movie, I don’t want to lose her to the Uproxx lifestyle brands.

Also, this video is fun to watch because Erin Andrews is pretty, likeable and looks good in glasses.

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[via TMZ]

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