ESPN’s ‘His And Hers’ Spoofed ‘Step Brothers’ With Some Help From Scott Van Pelt

On the big list of beloved Will Ferrell movies, Step Brothers is right below Anchorman and probably in the discussion for his second-best film with movies like Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Elf. Some people would say that Step Brothers is stupid, but people who like the movie love it for its immaturity and silliness.

The two stars of ESPN’s His & Hers – Jemele Hill and Michael Smith – are apparently big fans of the movie, as the pair decided to do a spoof. In it, the pair pretend to be Brennan Huff and Dale Doback, but instead of the two coming together because their parents got married, the two get thrown onto the same TV show. Eventually, the pair become tight, just like the two guys in Step Brothers.

The whole video is pretty great, but the star of it has to be Scott Van Pelt. He is to Hill and Smith what Derek was to Brennan and Dale, except instead of being a jerk who made a ton of money in real estate, he is a jerk who got his own TV show and rubs in how well things are going for him – especially considering he says made more than $550,000 last year. He even has the weird hair and most of the mannerisms that made everyone hate Derek down perfectly.