ESPN Might Be Trying To Hire Alex Rodriguez Out From Under Fox Sports

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Despite Jenifer Lopez’s best wishes, Alex Rodriguez will not be the next manager of the New York Yankees. But the former Bronx bomber might be getting a new job soon.

Sporting News reported that ESPN is looking to snag Rodriguez and make him part of its baseball coverage for the upcoming season. Rodriguez had been part of Fox Sports’ Major League Baseball coverage since he retired from the Yankees back in 2016.

He’d found some chemistry with fellow 2016 retiree David Ortiz, as the two rivals possessed great on-camera chemistry. But it seems that ESPN would like to add Rodriguez to its broadcasts, a sure sign that his rehab in the baseball world is complete.

According to the report, ESPN seems pretty serious about getting Rodriguez on air, even if it means he would have to appear on both networks for a while.

ESPN would even be willing to “share” A-Rod with Fox, but Fox is not interested in such an arrangement involving the three-time American League MVP and 2009 World Series champion, who signed a multiyear contract with the Los Angles-based network before last season.

“ESPN wants A-Rod badly,” said a source with knowledge of the talks, “but Fox, in general, is not good about sharing talent.”

Rodriguez has been good on air and it’s clear that Fox values him enough that they don’t want him to leave. Still, ESPN has a huge profile in the baseball world and it’s now clear that A-Rod has his pick of where he goes at this point.