Everything About Randy Foye’s Buzzer Beater Was Fantastic

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02.04.14 3 Comments

Randy Foye buzzer beater

The Denver Nuggets need miracles as much as the next team right now, as they’re currently 3.5 games out of the 8-seed in the Western Conference with a .500 record, while the 21-28 Charlotte Bobcats are laughing away in the 8th spot in the East. But maybe last night was a sign of change and better fortune, as the Nugs defeated the significantly better Los Angeles Clippers 116-115 thanks to a last second three-pointer from WAYYYYYYYYY downtown by Randy Foye. On no planet should this shot have gone in, but here we are celebrating it today.

First and foremost, the announcer singing “Oh Randy Foye…” to the tune of “Oh Danny Boy” makes me wish that Foye was a huge star so this could be a regular thing. But like any good buzzer-beater miracle play, I can’t help but dive into the crowd to find my favorite things that actually have nothing to do with the play itself.

For example, look at the crowd as Foye gets the shot off…

1 Foye

There’s what, one guy with his arms up? It’s like a “Where’s Waldo?” adventure for fans who have faith in Foye’s shooting ability from 5-feet beyond the line. Let’s look at it from another angle…

2 Foye

The usher on the far right can’t even watch. He has absolutely no faith in Foye at all. He’s ready to start sending people home.

3 Foye

“Haha, just kidding, bros! I always had faith in Foye! FOY-EEEEE! FOY-E! FOY-E!” For this last still, I’m going to need some numbers to properly break it down.

4 Foye

1. These fans are so afraid to watch Foye’s shot that they look like the ceiling is caving in on them.

2. This is the only guy on this side of the arena who is at least 65% confident that the shot would go in. The next closest is a guy 10 rows back in powder blue, but he might be yawning and stretching.

3. I think this boy is lost. Someone alert arena personnel.

4. “Honey, don’t leave for the game without your life preserver!”

5. In live action, this looks like a female Nuggets fan, but thanks to this poor resolution screen shot, it looks like a white dude with dreadlocks wearing a tie-dye Nuggets shirt and, “HOLY WOW, MANNNNN!! HE MADE THE BALL IN THE HOOP! I’M SO DAZED, MANNNNNN!” Yes, I just assume that all Denver sports fans are high.

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