Everyone’s Confused How Ezekiel Elliott’s Suspension Got Upheld But He’s Still Playing Week 1

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When it comes to the players vs. the NFL in a legal battle, the NFL’s convoluted arbitration system adds more wrinkles to an already confusing legal system that NFL players need to navigate if they want to fight a ruling. Now, after a summer-long investigation, Cowboys running back star Zeke Elliott had his six-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy upheld by an independent arbitrator. But, he’s still eligible to play in the Cowboys’ regular-season opener against the New York Giants on Sunday. It’s confusing.

Elliott is able to play Week 1 due to a restraining order on the arbitrator’s ruling on behalf of Elliott and the NFLPA. The judge will decide whether the temporary restraining order will stand. If it does, Elliott will be suspended for weeks 2-7, but if he rules in favor of Elliott and the NFLPA, then the Cowboys will have their running back that they felt was unfairly singled out for the entire season.

Elliott was never charged or arrested for the infractions that the NFL is punishing him for, and it’s led to the NFLPA stating: “There was a League-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives to hide critical information — which would completely exonerate Elliott.”

You can read his attorney’s fiery letter here.

Naturally, this arbitration and restraining order talk involving a guy who is suspended and yet isn’t has everyone confused. Especially fantasy football owners who just want to play an imaginary game of stat hoarding. The reactions are all over the place.


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