A Fan Ran Onto The Field And Busted Out A Wicked Spin Move To Evade Capture By Authorities During Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 didn’t have a whole lot of excitement thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers moving the ball effectively on offense and clamping down against the Kansas City Chiefs on defense. As a result, one fan took it upon themselves to try and add a jolt of entertainment to the festivities at Raymond James Stadium.

The Chiefs, down 31-9, faced a second-and-20 with 5:03 left in the game. The ball was on Tampa Bay’s 37, so the possibility existed that they’d be able to put a few more points on the board before things came to a halt, and perhaps they had something dialed up and oh my god how on earth did a fan get out there?

A few angles show that the runner was able to bust out a spin move that probably caught the eyes of both offensive staffs, although he has to know that when you are that close to the end zone, you have to punch it in instead of sliding at the two-yard line.

We now go live to Uproxx Sports guest analyst Mel Kiper for analysis: “THIS STREAKER, HE’S GOT SOME WIGGLE TO ‘EM, GOT GOOD SIZE, RARE AGILITY FOR THAT SIZE, GOTTA BE MORE WILLING TO GO EMBRACE CONTACT, CAN’T GIVE UP ON PLAYS WHEN YOU CAN PUNCH IT IN.” Anyway, the Chiefs turned it over on downs on this drive.