If You Don’t Sign Up To Win $500 Playing Fantasy, You’re Weirder Than This

Baseball isn’t real anymore. It’s just somebody’s weird fan-fic. I’m gonna go watch my VHS blooper tapes and report them as news.

If you’re still able to watch baseball with all this happening, then maybe you’d like to sign up for our bi-weeklyish fantasy baseball game through FanDuel.com. This week’s game goes down on Friday (July 27) and we’re playing it just like last time — you can sign up and draft up to three teams for two dollars a pop and win cash from a $500 prize pool. If you’re good at this kind of thing, it’s the easiest possible way to make money. I wouldn’t shill it if it required hard work.

We’ve only got 275 spots open for this week’s game, so get your teams in now. If you haven’t played before, here’s the ever-helpful infographic:

Remember, we’re playing on Friday night, so sign up as soon as you can and get your three teams in. If you wait another day, everybody’ll be traded and you’ll be trying to start Ichiro on the Lake County Captains. You’re just going to make it harder for yourself.

[banner photo via AP]