Who To Start And Sit For Your Week 11 Fantasy Lineup: Quarterbacks And Tight Ends

11.14.17 3 months ago

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We’re nearing the end of the bye week madness that’s been plaguing squads over the last month of the fantasy football season, now we head into Week 11, which kicks off the final three games of the fantasy football season. This is what it all comes down to — lock in your playoff spot or die trying. Remember: not all is lost. There are a few squads out there that are on the outside looking in, ready to give up, not set lineups, and coast into a month full of holiday parties and regret. Don’t do it. Set your lineup. Win.

There are four teams on bye: Carolina, Indianapolis, New York Jets, and San Francisco.



Alex Smith: The New York Football Giants are, at this point, one of the worst defenses in the league and it’s translating to bookoo points for opposing offenses. Alex Smith has faded out of his massive point totals from earlier in the season, but if there’s one week to expect one of those Tyreek Hill or Kareem Hunt plays, this is it. Smith should coast into the top five in Week 11.

Derek Carr: He’s an obvious start to some, but Carr is on most 10-12 team rosters typically as a committee QB, especially after his injury. In Week 11 he has the Patriots, and he might be the start of the week. Only the Colts are giving up more passing yards to opposing quarterbacks. Chances for a perfect game script are likely.

Never forget:

Jay Cutler: Purely for the DFS crowd in a week when there really aren’t many needs in leagues that aren’t of the 12-16 team size variety, why not give Smokin’ Jay a shot against a Bucs defense that needed Josh McCown to look good. Realistically, you’ll never need this play, but I might feel more confident in Cutler over Jared Goff against Minnesota. Week 11 fun times!


Dak Prescott: The guy went from Russell Wilson Lite to Russell Wilson Heavy in the span of 12 months, officially becoming a real, top ten QB that everyone should start. But in his one game without Zeke Elliott, and more importantly Tyron Smith, their offensive lineman out with a groin injury. Dakwassacked eight times and was only blitzed by the Falcons on 12 percent of dropbacks. It may be worth staying away from Dak if you have other options, and it may be a good idea to stay away from him in daily. The Cowboys and Eagles might put up a big amount of points, but there’s a chance only Jason Witten comes away from this game as a confident fantasy football start.

Philip Rivers: The Bills are still one of the better passing defenses in the league, and even though the Chargers snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against a tough Jacksonville squad, it doesn’t mean they won’t lay an egg again. Rivers is about to enter a sweet stretch of good matchups, but this isn’t one of them, especially if the Bills follow the gameplan the Saints just laid out. The Bills are giving up massive yards on the ground since trading Marcell Dareus and the Chargers could lean heavily on Melvin Gordon. If the Chargers put up big points through the air on the Bills, feel comfy starting QBs against them again. If they don’t, maintain and just roll out RBs.

Andy Dalton: The Broncos are clearly not the defense we thought they were, or think they should be, getting 41 and 51 points dropped on them over the last two weeks by the Eagles and the Patriots respectively. The Bengals aren’t those offenses, and while Cinci might score a touchdown or two, why play with fire? Just in case something weird happens, I’d play Dalton in a daily fantasy tournament or something.

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