Fear the Spear

Getting drunk and running out onto a baseball field is a stupid idea, but it’s especially stupid at Fenway Park, where security is trained to seek and destroy. These guys are like the cougars from Red Dead Redemption, speeding in from out of nowhere to take you out with one pounce.

The following video is a perfect example, captured by a guy who (I guess) paid to get into a baseball game so he could aimlessly film his own legs. He looks up in time to see a guy running onto the field with his arms in the air, and stays on it long enough to see said guy being crushed to his f**king doom by a security professional who may or may not be goddamned Goldberg. Listen closely for running commentary, which includes the sort of insight you’d expect from people who think a field run is funny, like “woooo” and “UHHHHHH” (sp).

C-c-c-combo breaker.