The FFA Chairman Took An Unfortunate And Scary Tumble Off The Stage During A Trophy Presentation

This is what you call a “yikes” moment.

On Sunday, the (appropriately named) Melbourne Victory defeated Sydney FC 3-0 to capture the Football Federation Australia championship. During the trophy presentation, 84-year-old FFA Chairman Frank Lowy took a nasty spill off the stage.

Almost as bad as the fall itself was the fact that just about everyone stood around awkwardly. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “Lowy had earlier been booed by the crowd” before falling. However, the crowd later cheered when Lowy was helped back up onto stage.

Lowy was treated by paramedics. The good news is that all he’s got is some soreness in his shoulder:

Eighty-four years old or not, that was a nasty fall that could have been much worse.