Indicted Former FIFA VP Jack Warner Becomes The Latest Victim To Fall For The Onion’s Antics

The Onion continues to do the Lord’s work by writing completely fictitious articles, which dupe people who take themselves way too seriously. The latest “victim” of such glorious tomfoolery is former FIFA vice president Jack Warner, who was one of several execs recently indicted on corruption charges. In a Facebook video, Warner criticizes United States for what he feels is a double standard: leading the investigation against FIFA, but wanting to host the World Cup.

(The video has already been taken down from Warner’s Facebook page. But this 2015 and, well, the Internet is forever.)

To prove his point, Warner cited this Onion article from May 27. All we know is that Warner is going to be super, super upset when he finds out the truth about PFT Commenter.

Then again, Warner seems like a guy who’s more concerned about telling the truth more than anything else, anyway. Don’t like it? Theirs the door.

(Via Facebook)