Finally, Someone Hates Aaron Rodgers

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11.18.11 15 Comments

If you had told me that someone was going to conduct a poll in Wisconsin about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ popularity, I would have slapped you and told you to stop wasting money. Alas, Public Policy Poling (which deserves to be slapped just for that name) went ahead with a popularity poll recently that asked Wisconsinites their opinions on public and political figures, and, of course, Rodgers, who is believed to be able to simply snap his fingers to make a super model orgy appear.

When the poll results came in, Rodgers broke the state’s polling record with a favorable rating of 89%. I assume the other 11% is angry fathers with ugly daughters who can’t get knocked up with Rodgers’ seed. So of course the polling company decided to conduct another poll to see who could possibly beat Rodgers.

Lincoln, who freed the slaves while fighting to keep the United States together in the Civil War, was seen positively by 91% of Americans, compared to only 2% who had an unfavorable opinion. Jesus Christ came in with a 90% favorability rating, but 3% of voters saw him in a negative light.

Two other figures beat the 80% favorability mark: George Washington, the general who earned the title of “Father of his country,” at 86% and Mother Teresa, the late humanitarian who tended the sick and dying in India for more than four decades and who is on her way to becoming a Roman Catholic saint. She rated an 83% favorability score.

(Via the Los Angeles Times)

There you have it – Aaron Rodgers, 1% worse than Jesus.

Unfortunately, one little girl disagrees after Green Bay’s Monday Night Football thrashing of her beloved Minnesota Vikings.

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