Drone Tries To Film Fisherman, Fisherman Is Having None Of It

Drones can absolutely be a useful and effective tool for the military, and can perform some actual normal tasks efficiently too when properly utilized by their operators.

However, one not so great use of a drone, is to film people who have absolutely no interest in being filmed, as such was the case last week at Pacific Beach in San Diego.

A drone owner by the name of Tice Ledbetter was filming something or other with his drone at the beach, when he decided to film some fishermen on the pier, just minding their own.

One such fisherman was not to thrilled about being filmed. He decided to take matters into his own hands, by turning his cast away from the shore and flinging it directly into the sky, with a perfect shot that hooked him right onto the flying device.

Ledbetter quickly hauled his drone away and didn’t take too kindly the damaging of his drone ending his video with a “Wanted For Being an A**hole” photoshop regarding the dangerous angler.

Later, Ledbetter uploaded this video to his Facebook of him surveying the damage to his drone with the caption “What a jerk! Gotta admit though that cast was spot on!”

Look, Ledbetter is probably in the right to film where he did, since the fisherman was on a public pier and all. However, I couldn’t stop myself from rooting for the drone-killer here, who just wanted to fish in peace without an aircraft buzzing above watching his every move. Regardless of whose side you take, it’s hard not to be impressed with that pitch perfect cast.