A Florida Receiver Fought Off An LSU Defender En Route To A 98-Yard Touchdown Reception

11.19.16 1 year ago

Florida’s offense is decidedly not great – it came into Saturday’s game against LSU ranked 90th nation in offensive S&P+. Saturday’s game against the Tigers was more of the same, as the Gators had three points and 60 yards of total offense in the third quarter.

The team had the ball on its own two-yard line. With 98 yards ahead of it, the offense could do one of two things. Either it could try to pick up 98 yards on a sustained drive (which hadn’t worked all day), or it could go for the home run ball and see what happens.

The Gators picked the second option, and it ended up being a 98-yard touchdown. Austin Appleby dropped back, had some time to throw, and fired the ball down the right sideline to Tyrie Cleveland. Despite having a defender all over him, Cleveland brought the ball in, fought off the defender, somehow stayed inbounds, and raced down the field to the end zone. It was a risky play call, but the execution by the Gators made it all work out.

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