Here’s The Audio Of Florida Head Coach Jim McElwain Exploding At His Players

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09.13.15 3 Comments

Most fans have probably seen Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain yelling at running back Kelvin Taylor on the sidelines by now. Taylor had made a throat slitting gesture, earning an unsportsmanlike penalty and the ire of his coach. You could tell that McElwain was yelling at Taylor the way he would if someone had messed up his order at McDonald’s, but now we know exactly what was said.

The key word in this clip is f*ck, followed closely by bullsh*t because Taylor was apparently not acting man enough while being berated. Personally, I feel a little chapped that McElwain felt the need to go so hard at his players, even if they did act stupid. At least keep it in the locker room, far away from the prying eyes of the fans and media. This makes it seem like you’re an adult who can’t control his own emotions, yelling at equally foolish young adults who probably watch too much wrestling.

Hopefully everybody has cooled down by this point and managed to go off and get a dish of ice cream together. It’s the cure all for bad feelings, especially when you’ve drizzled some hot fudge on top.

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