Faces Of Misery: Tennessee Still Can't Beat The Florida Gators

Saturday’s college football action presumably left very few people wanting more, because I can’t remember a day that was filled with so many exciting games and delightful upsets. For starters, I assume that everyone was on the edge of their seats for the incredible UCF win over FIU, because I was at that game, which immediately made it the most star-studded game in college football history. And I yelled things at Mario Cristobal, because he’s a moron who should have taken the Rutgers job and I guarantee you that he’s kicking himself every morning over his decision to turn that job down because he was allegedly insulted at the Scarlet Knights’ lowball offer. But I digress.
My favorite game of the day was the Florida Gators 37-20 victory over the Tennessee Volunteers, which leads us to this new feature – “Faces of Misery”. Now, before the hate mail and mean comments start pouring in, please know that I have nothing against Tennessee. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do hold a grudge against the Volunteers because they gave Lane Kiffin money to be a head coach, even though he has never done anything to deserve it, unless you count being conceived by a great NFL defensive coordinator. I hate Kiffin a lot, so this is worth noting. In fact, if USC had lost at home, we’d be having a completely different kind of conversation right now.
But I say this was my favorite game, because it provided us with a ton of great Faces of Misery, and as a fan of a perpetually underachieving college football team, I’ve made plenty of miserable faces myself. I also don’t like basking in a Gators victory, but it’s a jorts world and I’m just living in it. So enjoy the misery of Tennessee fans this week, and feel free to suggest upcoming games that you’d like to see us make fun of, because I plan on doing this as much as possible, because laughing at other people’s misfortunes is what makes America so great.

(All screen caps provided by my good friend, Paradigm Shift, who runs Throw the Flag, and you should follow him on Twitter.)