For No Reason, Sledding Pugs

A few quick truths:

1. With Leather doesn’t really have a signature animal. Sure, we’ve tried to get sea otters over as our thing, but nobody comes here for specific animal content in the way they might’ve, say, Warming Glow.

2. Sledding is more of a recreational activity than a “sport,” but it requires a small amount of athletic prowess. Slightly harder than hanging motionless on the monkey bars, but easier than the slide.

3. It’s Friday, and the only things going on in the LOL LOOK AT THIS sports world are Harlem Shake videos and … additional Harlem Shake videos.

So, with those three things accepted as facts, here’s a clip of SLEDDING PUGS. Okay, so it looks like somebody just put them in sweaters, dumped them into a storage bin and decided to drag them around in the snow against their will, but still, pugs in sweaters in a sled. The fabric softener commercial music in the background is a nice touch.

As a resident of hot-ass Texas who lives with a lady who is allergic to dogs, I’m going to pretend that this is what winter is like. SLEDDING PUGS, Y’ALL.

[h/t DOTD]