Frank Caliendo Invaded Jon Gruden’s QB Camp To Do The One Funny Thing He Does

Senior Writer
04.24.14 2 Comments
Caliendo as Gruden


One of the true joys of the NFL offseason is not being exposed to the weekly antics of comedian/screamer Rob Riggle on Fox and especially the impression du jour of Frank Caliendo, who has long since found his perfect home at ESPN. Except, the problem with that is now that Jon Gruden has carved out a nice spot on the ESPN primetime pre-NFL Draft lineup with the Gruden QB Camp, it was only a matter of time before Caliendo came in and provided some comic relief with his cartoonish and admittedly amusing impression of the former Tampa Bay Bucs coach.

I’m just glad that he did this during Derek Carr’s session, because if he had interrupted my best friend Blake Bortles with this kind of nonsense, I would have given my TV a very stern look before doing absolutely nothing else about it.

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