Friday Face-Off: A Bunny Letter Opener Vs. The Chipmunk Ballerina

11.18.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

Welcome to a brand new weekly feature here at With Leather, the Friday Face-Off, in which we take two of the week’s best random videos and pit them against each other to determine which is the champion. Yes, it is that simple, and yes, we are way too excited about it. This week’s inaugural installment finds us examining two animal videos that have both been deemed excellent by millions of people that I just made up. The first video features a pet rabbit that opens letters for its owner with perfect precision.

I don’t get much mail, but I would really like a rabbit that could open my letters. If I had one, I might actually look at my bills before throwing them out.

That’s a pretty tough act to hop. Get it? I know, I punched myself in the nuts already. The challenger awaits…

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