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So far, our coverage of sports-related instances of ‘Gangnam Style’ has been light. I couldn’t resist writing about the Oregon Duck’s version (because it is awesome), but I’m not quick to relive the ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody and tribute video terrors of the spring and summer.

That said, here’s Gangnam Style Rampage Jackson.

Funny enough, this clip of Jackson doing Psy’s signature horsey dance contains less air humping than a normal Rampage interview. If you need more backstory than “everybody loves that song and Rampage will do anything for attention”, here’s a recap from Maggie Hendricks over at Cagewriter:

Jackson had communicated with Psy via Twitter, telling him he’s working on the dance that has become a viral sensation. He also said he was practicing the dance by himself when a teammate walked in. Awkward!

Skip to the 1:15 mark in the video to check out the dancing. Ariel Helwani’s a much better interviewer than me, I would’ve just stood up and flipped the table.

Up next: Don Frye doing ‘Apache (Jump On It)’.

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