Upset About The NHL Lockout? Shoot Gary Bettman With A Gun

Here are three quotes from Puck Daddy’s “oh my God, did you seriously put NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s picture on the targets at your firing range” interview with DVC Indoor Shooting Center manager Wes Yen that put the story in its proper context:

“It seems to be one of our more popular targets. It’s actually been a pretty big hit for us.”

“I guess not. It’s an animated target. We’re not using real people. Everyone knows it’s just for fun.”

“It’s good for my business. When there’s nothing on TV, people will come down to the range and start shooting.”

Here’s what I’ve pieced together: Everyone who comes to the firing range has a well-meaning understanding that this is all for fun, but are also the types to START SHOOTING GUNS AT THINGS BECAUSE HOCKEY IS NOT ON TELEVISION. Remind me to wear a blaze orange morphsuit the next time I’m in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, in the summer.

A better look at the target is below. Note that while the targets aren’t specifically on Bettman, three of the four are clear and Gary’s full of bullet holes. This is all for fun, hooray!

By the way, that caricature is what it’d look like if Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had a baby. Great, now I want to shoot at things.