George Foreman Has Challenged Steven Seagal To An Open-Rules Fight

For reasons unknown, George Foreman has challenged Steven Seagal to an open-rules fight which he wants to be broadcast on Pay Per View. It makes no sense, it pits a 68-year-old boxing legend against a 65-year-old “Aikido master” who once pooped his pants after “Judo” Gene LeBell choked him out. It can also easily be the most anticipated combat sports event since Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather and I hope it happens.

Foreman has laid out the ruleset in which he will use boxing and Seagal can use “whatever.” It’s a recipe for success.

Foreman hasn’t explicitly come out and said why he’s challenging Seagal to the battle, but it could do with Seagal moving to Russia and buddying up with Putin amongst others. Seagal has also raised eyebrows after “training” Anderson Silva and other UFC greats and is considered a fraud in martial arts circles, where many claim his standing as an Aikido master as dubious.

Foreman hasn’t fought professionally in 20 years, and may decide to duck the fight considering Aikido employs a plethora of wrist locks which will be moot if Foreman is heavily-taped and wearing boxing gloves. That’s probably the only reason, though. If it weren’t for that, Seagal could end Foreman twice before hitting the ground, probably.