Georges St-Pierre Has Left UFC And These Are The Four Fights He Should Consider Taking

10.17.16 2 years ago
12 GSP

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In a shocking announcement this afternoon, former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre dropped the bombshell that his contract with the UFC had been terminated. That means no fight at UFC 206, no rematch with Nick Diaz, and definitely no superfight with Anderson Silva in December. Once again, it seems that the UFC’s tight pockets have once again screwed us all out of a good time. Once again.

But lo, there is hope. With St-Pierre now a free agent, there are actually a number of intriguing (if somewhat less lucrative) options for the former kingpin to pursue in promotions like Bellator, ONE, and even Rizin. So rather than lament the loss of another UFC great from the promotion’s ranks, we’ve decided to highlight a few of GSP’s more viable alternatives to kickstart his post-UFC comeback.

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