Giants Safety Julian Love Says Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Is On A Free Ride: ‘Anyone Can Coach This Team’

The Philadelphia Eagles will play for their second Super Bowl title in five years in 10 days, as they rolled through the NFC during the regular season as the top seed and cruised through the playoffs, winning their two games against the Giants and 49ers by a combined score of 69-14.

They’ve done so under the guidance of second-year head coach Nick Sirianni, who is one of the more fiery head coaches in the NFL, as he can regularly be seen firing up the crowd in Philly, jawing with the opposing sideline, and celebrating with his players after big plays. It certainly seems like the Eagles love his emotion and fire, but not everyone around the league is such a big fan.

Giants safety Julian Love joined the Good Morning Football crew on Thursday morning and made some comments that will undoubtedly get play in Philly, as he noted he’s not a fan of Sirianni’s sideline antics, saying the coach is on a “free ride” with the veteran Eagles and noted that “you guys can coach this team.”

The amount of credit a coach deserves for a great team is always a debate in the sports world, but for a Giants player to say this after the Eagles cooked them in the Divisional Round, it’s hard to take it as anything other than hating. Time will tell if Sirianni can continue to get the Eagles to this kind of level year after year, but it’s pretty hard to argue with the results so far. I will say this to Love’s credit, if anyone is an expert in teams having to coach themselves, it’s someone who played on the Joe Judge-era Giants teams.