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The demolition of the “old” Giants Stadium is now underway. In classic New York/New Jersey style, they’re chopping it up and selling off the parts, from patches of turf to seats to signage. Everything must go!

But instead of the wrecking ball that Bruce Springsteen sang about, a crane with a claw is taking bites out of the stadium’s top sections. Clouds of dust drifted in the air as concrete and steel fell to the ground.

The 34-year-old venue has played host to the Giants, the Jets, the Cosmos, the MetroStars and the Red Bulls. –NJ Star-Ledger.

The new Giants Stadium is already finished; for all of last season, and for the past couple months, it was like my grandmother’s sofa, remaining unused until “comany” came by, “company” being the tours offered to Giants and Jets fans that those teams are trying to gouge for PSL fees. And all this time I thought we were in a recession.

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