Glover Teixeira Faceplants Rashad Evans With A Heavy-Handed Knockout

Glover Teixeira and Rashad Evans were coming into UFC on FOX 19 in a weird position. They were both knocking on the Top 5 in the light heavyweight division, but both had lost definitively to Jon Jones, and that was years ago. Something big would have to happen here to make people raise their eyebrows, and Teixeira delivered with a brutal clip of Evans’ chin into a follow-up that would have Evans unconscious, faceplanted on the mat.

After the fight, Glover called out top contender Rumble Johnson, saying “let’s dance, let’s make some money.” Was he pulling a Conor? No. Glover immediately said he had a lot of respect for Johnson, but wanted to “do business.” I like this saucy Glover.

This would be the first time Evans was knocked out in the first round, and the first time he’s been knocked out since the infamous “stanky leg” incident against Lyoto Machida at UFC 98.

Please refer the video below if you’d hlike a musical explanation of the stanky leg incident.

You have to wonder what’s next for Rashad Evans. He’s now lost two in a row, four of his last six, with wins over Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson. The Henderson win specifically was not impressive.