A Couple Of Golf Bros Dropped The Clubs For A Fist Fight On The Course

Golf has always positioned itself as one of the most dignified sports out there, especially at country clubs. You have to wear a collar, you can’t wear cargo shorts, you have to have proper manners, etc. Of course, that’s the public face of golf. You know as well as I do that if rude jerks play golf, they don’t magically stop being rude jerks — especially with the amount of drinking that often happens on the links.

Well, over the weekend at the 18th hole of Fossil Trace Golf Club in Colorado, the thin veil of dignity dropped completely. Maybe it was because they were on the 18th hole, and as such had probably been drinking all day, but these two bros got into it after one of them hit into the group on the green. That’s a huge no-no, considering a misplaced shot could put someone in the hospital, but it’s considerably more acceptable than fighting right on the course.

Let’s talk about that fight, too. Both dudes definitely fancy themselves boxers, considering their exaggerated defensive stances and the left-handed jab the dude in the orange tries to bust out. A tip for anyone who might find themselves in a scrum on the golf course or in a more appropriate venue, like a Denny’s parking lot: If you don’t have fight training, your off hand is basically useless. The only good shot of the fight knocks orange bro’s hat off, and then it’s over with a little handshake, probably with a “Good hit, bro.” Golf fights are dumb.

(Via FTW)