Google Images Of Baseball Diamonds In U.S. Prisons Are Depressing

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03.13.13 5 Comments

I’m not one to typically make outrageous statements, but I would never like to go to prison. I know, you probably think I’m trolling here against our surprisingly high inmate readership, as well as our No. 1 fan Casey Anthony, but I really don’t think prison would be fun. Fortunately, if and when corporations finish taking over every prison in America so they can lock up anyone who even looks at them the wrong way, and I’m arrested for complaining about my Sprint phone’s poor coverage for the billionth time, I’ll at least have something to look forward to.
It turns out that American prisons and the people that run them have a love affair with the national pastime. I mean baseball, not the modern national pastimes like football or crystal meth. And while engaging in my neverending quest to find naked pictures of Rachel Bilson, I stumbled across one Tumblr user who found some Google Maps aerial photos of the baseball diamonds at America’s biggest prisons.
Included in the bunch are the fields at Sing Sing, Folsom, Rikers, San Quentin and others, but I don’t know which are which, because, as I previously stated, I appreciate the fact that my abdominal region has no sharpened toothbrush scars and I know as little about prisons as I should. Also, just to be safe, I love Sprint and don’t ever want to go to jail because I don’t get coverage in sports arenas.

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