Greatest Football Game Ever? You Bet

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03.18.11 2 Comments

According to scraps of details I’ve put together in the hour or so that I’ve been researching this video’s origin, this football match between Australia and Ireland took place in 2004 and is played under “compromised rules” which is different than the standard international rules. Basically it’s a combination of Australian and Gaelic rules football. And while that essentially means nothing to me, it involves a dog and that immediately makes my tail wag. In this case, a Jack Russell terrier somehow gets loose and runs on to the field during live play. And the dog stays on the field – with no effort from players or staff to remove it – for nearly 6 minutes as the teams just play like he’s one of them.

The dog even tries its hardest to get into the mix and nobody cares. I guess it’s because Jacks are pretty annoying little dogs so they didn’t really care if it got hurt. Or maybe they were all just really drunk. You know, I think it was both.

(Via Kontraband)

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