Watch The Packers Beat The Lions On A Wild Hail Mary

Ladies and gentleman, your 2015 Detroit Lions, incapable of finishing a game despite a 20-point lead, despite several chances at putting it away in the final seconds. On the last play of regulation, Aaron Rodgers connected with Richard Rodgers for a Hail Mary touchdown.

The Lions completely blew coverage on the play and rushed only three players. Even worse, they were outnumbered in the end zone because they kept two linebackers in at midfield.

It was an overall embarrassing effort, par for the course for the Detroit Lions.

To be fair, Rodgers did have to throw the ball some 70 yards in the air and boy did he throw a rocket.

The Lions fell to 4-8 with the loss and are now, officially (unofficially) out of playoff contention.

Many Lions fans questioned why Calvin Johnson, the tallest receiver on the team and the man with the 40-inch vertical, was not on the field for the final play. Johnson, for what it’s worth, has defended several Hail Marys for the Lions in the past. Anyway, here’s where Calvin was when the Hail Mary went down.

This is a perfect Vine.