Greg Hardy Conducted A Very Short And Awkward ‘No Comment’ Scrum With Reporters

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10.25.15 7 Comments

You’ll be shocked to hear that many people wanted to talk to Greg Hardy following the Cowboys loss to the Giants Sunday afternoon. Specifically, everyone wanted to know about Hardy’s meltdown on the sidelines when he pushed a number of people including a coach and teammate Dez Bryant.

But instead of addressing the issue like an adult, Hardy went the “no comment” route. Hardy gonna Hardy I guess.

Not too long ago Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called Hardy a leader. Yes, that was actually said by a person with a functional brain less than one year after Hardy was convicted of domestic assault. Amazing.

“He’s ready to go at all hours.” Jones said. “I’m excited about his zest and it’s contagious. We were well aware of it and we know that’s what we are getting. For football, and on the football field, he’s a big plus apart from how well he individually plays. he helps everybody work harder and that’s what you want from a player from a leadership standpoint. He’s a leader.”

If the measure of a leader is how he treats his teammates in times of duress, well then, um?

Starting to wonder if the Cowboys regret this whole Greg Hardy experiment.

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